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Study the laws of power and karma and implement these in your life to gain what you desire. You could have a crammed schedule over the next day or two so you need to prioritise those people and activities that are going to be useful. You could be confused about your priorities. You may be afraid of insulting someone if you refuse their generous offer.

Sifting the time-wasters from those who genuinely have something to offer will also become a pressing issue. Unfortunately, you may have to be ruthless in picking those you'd like to spend your valuable time with now. Your enthusiasm on the work front may not be met by the same level of excitement by those you work with.

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This will make you feel somewhat out on a limb, alone and without any noticeable feedback. This is temporary. There may be a better opportunity to connect with the group of people you work with shortly so don't make a big deal out of this. It's just that your schedules may not be coinciding or, they are having problems dealing with the privacy of their own space. Arguments and upheavals at work may play havoc with your nervous system so it's better to withdraw rather than engage in a battle that no one is likely to win. Try to avoid those who upset you emotionally, mentally, or physically to prevent any reaction on your health.

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With your day-to-day stress levels rising, you need some solitude. A lot more will get done if you focus on yourself rather than pleasing everyone else. This especially applies to your family responsibilities. Today is a time when you can enjoy being with others in a friendly, sociable and even flirtatious manner.

A new introduction could jolt you out of your lethargy and introspection to seriously consider rendezvous, dinner or another special outing. Believe it or not, your anxiety could trigger a search for answers that you now need. Amongst the silly noise of the world around you is a solution. Mistrust may cloud your judgment but it's better to be safe than sorry. Expect an unusual life lesson shortly. Biloela Taroom Monto Moura. Events Place an Event Gigs Competitions. Motoring News Big Rigs.

They checked with several astrologers to find out if the horoscopes matched. So the marriage took place amidst a large gathering and that happened more than 20 years ago.

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They have three offspring. I met the husband recently and he told me that despite what the astrologers had stated, he and his wife were really an incompatible pair in almost all respects. He gave just three examples — He was an atheist but his wife was extremely pious; he hated travelling but his wife loved to go on trips regularly; he was very fond of sex but his wife was not at all interested in sex! So much so for astrology and matching horoscopes! Suggest that a sinhala version be published for the benefit of the majority. Article is timely and educational. Sooner we get rid of the thinking that our destiny is governed by planetary movements is better.

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This is big business and gullibility of masses is exploited to make money. Astrology is not an established science this is a commercialized pack of fiction to earn money from gullible s.

Body+Soul Health and Lifestyle | The Courier Mail

Good astrologers reads the body-language of the client and uses commonsense to provide nothing more than Agnes Aunty advice. MR was itching to test his own popularity following the constitution change organised by his sycophants. MR consulted SA about holding an election. The body-language expert SA knew what the answer should be. The confident MR signed the decree for an election two years early at the auspicious time chosen by SA pm on 20 November The day of election chosen by SA was 08 January Surprise surprise — MR lost!

As MR made his exit from the official residence, SA had to hand in the keys to a grace-and-favour bungalow in another part of the city. He also lost his limousine, chauffeur and vacated his seat on the board of a state-run bank. It is bunkum. Thanks everybody for endorsement.


Slightly disappointed that none have come to the defence of the indefensible. I agree with the writer who felt that the greater impact would be among the Sinhala and Tamil readership who are bigger victims of the occult pretenders. Unfortunately, I am not able to write legibly and to use the computer option of the Sinhala script. Would any reader be willing to help?

But, there has to be some explanation, which I for one cannot fathom.

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Like experiences are welcome. But still, it does not claim any clearly disprovable links to planets and such. I have had some experience of the Nadi Vayam system and it is, as you say, uncannily accurate. Millions in our country will favorably address the problems they encounter , if superstition and astrological occultism is abandoned. From the comments here one may write home that Lankas are sophisticated. Far far far from it. Astrology is the topic of discussion after those elite the rich and the nouveau riche dinners. The identity thirsty Diaspora find solace in Astrology.

The Diaspora Astrologers earn a lot. A new version is in the making. Comments should not exceed words.

This week's horoscopes with Sally Brompton

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