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  1. Daily horoscope for Sunday October 6 — here’s what the stars have in store for you today
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Daily horoscope for Sunday October 6 — here’s what the stars have in store for you today

All the answers you seek are out there! Today, gracious Venus is hovering in your global ninth house AND making a perfect harmonious trine with limitless Jupiter in your sign. Widen your viewfinder, expand your search parameters, think so far outside the box you forget that boxes ever existed! This may involve literal travel or the figurative kind—i.

While you want to make a good first impression because you might not get a second chance , remember that appearances can be deceiving.

Aries Daily Horoscope

Love is definitely in the air as confident Jupiter mashes up with the love planet herself—vixen Venus—in your partnership house. But are you holding yourself back by obsessing on your physicality and not putting enough trust in your adorably effervescent self? See for yourself what happens when you make eye contact and ask a question that pierces the surface straight away. Expansive Jupiter has been heating things up in your professional corner, yet today, the jovial planet aligns with balanced Venus in your wellness sector.

But instead of doing the same old workout, mix it up with more fun and challenging routines—perhaps a high-energy dance class or power yoga in the park? Get the Horoscope Guide!

Aries Horoscope

Daily Horoscopes: August 8, Illustrations by Grande Dame Aries March 21 — April 19 Love and adventure are the themes of your day, thanks to a rosy merger of expansive Jupiter in your travel zone and ardent Venus in your fifth house of romance. Read your monthly horoscope now Get horoscope updates straight to your inbox! Sign up for The AstroTwins newsletter.

You're now leaving Chase

If that turns out to be, uh, just yourself, alone at the diner counter, order a tuna melt sliced on the diagonal. Life picks up an exciting new pace this month, Leo, as you feel a readiness to take more risks. So why should you? Now is the time to start taking those dreams seriously. If one of those dreams is eating a diner breakfast every day, make sure to order the side stack of pancakes. The add-on that makes everybody happier.

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Wedge those adorable tiny butter packets between the cakes and hope they melt; explore the possibilities of strawberry jelly. Whatever your relationship status is right now, Virgo, your romance situation needs a boost.

Aries Daily Horoscope - Today's Aries Horoscope | tager.tk

Think quality over quantity, and spend time with your person in meaningful ways—like cooking a meal together instead of sitting across a table on your phones. For dipping, obviously! Reward yourself with a diner breakfast after a grueling water aerobics class. Your order? A disappointing fruit salad.

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Good thing someone else at your table ordered a side stack of pancakes—do you know any Leos? We can always count on you to find the positive, Libra, so at least you know you tried.

If a close friend has fallen for pyramid scheme or a case of a bad boyfriend, help them get out of a bind. Stick together and problem solve over a diner dinner. On your plate? A BLT. Add hot sauce if you need even more venom.

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Or you wonder what it would be like to live incognito in Tokyo for a month. Someone who has been taking advantage of your generosity will reveal their true colours. Parting ways will come as a profound relief. Don't worry if you're expected to work with hi-tech equipment.

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You'll catch on quickly after taking a crash course. Ask forgiveness. Change your behaviour. Aries September horoscope: The UK rolls from summer to autumn - what is in store for you? Image: Getty Images.