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Mutual admiration promises to keep the marital bonds strong and love, evergreen. The year is set to bring a lot of good changes your way. Career wise, you will succeed in transforming your immediate environment and benefit out of it as well. Despite excesses and fears of ill health, you will manage to maintain good health. In fact, those troubled by some seasonal ailments for long will also find a solution and start improving by the year end! Your romantic desires and longings get fulfilled this year, as you find your soul mate. The second half of the year brings good news on the property front.

Those staying in the rented accommodation may plan to move in their own house. The year appears to be roller coaster ride for you coupled with good fortune. You start with a bang, slump in mid-year, but regain lost ground by the year end! All in all, you will benefit out of whatever you take up.

Health remains fine on the whole, but beware of ailments between February and June. Love life may have its own set of challenges but your humble nature will help you sail through the rough tides. Do not go for any heavy investments or purchase a property in the last quarter of the year.

The year appears quite lucky for you, as you manage to achieve what you had always desired. Promotional prospects brighten for those working in private sector organizations. Some of you may also hear of a role change or a salary increment. The year promises good health and a much fitter existence. There is a likelihood of meeting someone and falling in love in the first quarter, so keep your fingers crossed!

New Zealand Astrology

Becoming a proud parent this year is a strong possibility. You may have to remain tight-fisted between July and October but it will strengthen your financial health overall. The year augurs well for you, both personally and professionally. Family life is set to provide immense fulfilment, especially if you have recently tied the knot. Professionals may achieve the accolades for the hard work and research they have put in completing a particular task. Health remains satisfactory throughout the year, but care is needed against seasonal maladies. Students are likely to gain confidence in meeting good counsellors who may guide them to shape their future.

Past investments will let you multiply your assets making you financially stronger. The year seems most favourable for you, especially in the second half. You will manage to get firmly established at work and begin to earn well especially in the months of April and May.

Romance blossoms in August through a chance encounter with a stranger. Health remains good and no serious medical problems are foreseen. Some of you may happen to join some health groups to stay motivated to try and experiment with different exercising regimens.

Your 12222 travel horoscope

The year seems to be a mixed bag. Initiatives taken last year on the career front will come to fruition in , but you will need to pursue them relentlessly to succeed. You may need to brush up your talents and skills for others to notice them. Freshers may fetch decent paying jobs around September.

You may get rid of your unnecessarily worrying nature and anxiety prone attitude by following some Yoga and meditation. A lot of good things may happen in your professional sphere and personal life in the year Whether it was a salary hike or a promotion or a change in your role or responsibilities — things will start appearing achievable now.

Capricorns tend to favour their goat symbol and are partial to heights and the great outdoors. They are in serious need of balance in their lives between work and play, so shorter and more frequent vacations might be the way to go. Switzerland — those Alps are the perfect place for a Capricorn to push themselves into some outdoor adventures.

Although they love people, they love quality alone time too. As an air sign, they are drawn to fresh air and communication. Norway — this friendly and happy country is the perfect place for an unusual adventure. Pisces tend to like mysterious places. Pisces tend to be dedicated and will stick to one place once they find a place they really like.

Pisces also enjoy the arts including music and visual arts and like to turn fantasy into reality. Pisces tend to live two different existences at the same time, so indulging that less dominant side of your personality on vacation is a fun option as well.

Travel horoscope:

Sleeping late on a sailboat and swimming all day in the sea, with some visits to mysterious historical sites along the way. Budapest — for a quirky and unique art scene, great thermal baths and mysterious ruin pubs to indulge your party side. Aries tend to do everything to the fullest, so while they work hard, they play hard too.

Aries enjoy remote and unusual places and like to be comfortable and active in everyday life and on vacation. They are spontaneous and fearless, while their high energy levels and impatience make them eager to be always on the move. A true Taurus is drawn to creature comforts like food, drink and luxury. They enjoy being in the country and are drawn to nature and gardening, and can switch off well on vacation.

The Taurus likes to cook and has a deep love of the best culinary experiences.

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They love new experiences and love parties, too. A Cancer likes to feel safe when travelling, and they are drawn to more artsy surroundings and attractions. Cancers also like to be in or near water and are always in search of a great meal. There are few things Leos enjoy more than being warm and comfy, and luxury is something Leos enjoy immensely.

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Leos love to be loved, and material goods are something they enjoy as well. Switzerland — for a luxurious spa experience filled with shopping, food and the finer things in life. Mild on the outside, lots of thoughts on the inside, cool, calm, patient, love to laugh, strong silent type, health conscious. Virgos are detail oriented and like alone time, but are also nurturing and enjoy being around others. Virgos also have a hidden wild side and are great at communicating with others.